Norfolk Beekeepers' Association Jobs For October


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October (2007)

Although October is a quiet month in the beekeeping calendar, there are still a few important things to be done to give the bees the best chance of surviving the winter.

• All stocks should have been treated for Varroa with Apiguard. The trays may now be removed. If, as often happens, the bees have built comb in the 'space' provided for successful treatment, the spacers and comb can be left in place until the Spring.
• Give hives a weight check! If you can't lift it, then it's OK. If it feels light, a quick inspection should be carried out to ascertain if the stock is queen right - if all seems well, it's never too late to give an extra gallon of thick syrup. A dead colony is of no use to anyone!
• Fit entrance blocks. The slot should be deep enough for a pencil to just go in. If it is larger then a mouse may gain entry. Either fit another block or a mouse guard.
• Check the roof is water proof. If not, take remedial action.
• Cut grass around the hive - this helps to keep the hive dry. Ideally, the hive should have a good passage of air underneath. If raised up on 9" concrete blocks and rails it is also better for the beekeeper’s back.


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